Starting with 2D and 3D design, through personalized engineering projects, pressure tanks installation, and assembly, to reaching expertise and supervision, our dedicated team is obsessed with achieving perfection for your process.

2D and 3D Design

Proxess Engineering’s design department is constantly expanding its team in order to provide optimal technical solutions to its customers. Our design and construction experts use cutting-edge software and are constantly improving their skills and knowledge through trainings and seminars.

Our team of engineers provides our customers with detailed 2D and 3D visualizations of the vessels. In this way, the client can get a real idea of what vessels will look like and how they will relate to the proceedings for which it is intended.

Installation and Assembly

We can install equipment and installations in addition to engineering and various welding processes. We complete your industrial product by precisely assembling the finished tanks and vessels. Our team of trained professionals can execute even the most demanding job.

It has extensive experience installing and assembling stainless steel process equipment on large-scale production projects from a variety of industries around the world.

Inspection and Supervision

The professionalism and expertise of our specialists are proven not only by many years of experience but also by the recognition of industry organizations. Third parties may occasionally be looking for our specialists’ expertise. Our engineers can inspect equipment manufactured by another company as independent supervisors, monitoring compliance with specific standards and practices. Our experts can also be present during equipment commissioning, dispatch, or installation.

why choose us

We Provide More than High-Quality Stainless Steel Process Equipment

We are committed to both service and production and want to provede the best customer support at all times. Our dedicated team offers competent advice in all areas - from the preliminary project planning, design and production to scheduling, assembly and transportation. This allows us to ensure that our service exceeds your expectations.
Modern Production

In our newly built 5,000 m2 production facility, we use precision welding and modern metalworking technologies.

Quality Materials

We would be happy to advise you on the choice of suitable materials. The raw materials we buy only from the best European suppliers.

Certified Producer

A number of international certificates prove the high qualification of our production.


Our vessels, equipment and installations are always accompanied by excellent design and manufacturing documentation.

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