Working with the largest breweries in Asia​

project details

Name: Project Info
Project Start: 2021
Client Location: Cambogia, Phnom Penh
Industry: Brewery

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About the Project

We supplied over 88 different pipe panels, systems, and valve blocks as a supplier of vessels and installations in the construction of one of Asia’s largest breweries.

These precision systems are critical in the distribution and regulation of liquids and gases. Depending on the distribution, they are used in fermentation and aging zones to supply liquid to individual vessels in the line.

Pipe fences are an effective solution for directing and regulating liquids and gases between the brewhouse and the filling plant.


The project had extremely tight deadlines, and some components were missing. The installation itself demanded extreme accuracy. However, we manufacture to custom-designed specifications following the highest quality standards.

Approach and Solution

We did it thanks to precision orbital welding and the skilled and qualified team members who went above and beyond to precisely assemble hundreds of components.